Frequently asked questions


How is weather in Jordan?
Jordan’s weather is as diverse as its history! Categorized as Mediterranean, the country enjoys all four seasons with little to no humidity. Winter can see snow in the forests especially in northern areas of the country, while spring heralds rarely-seen wild flowers in the desert to the east and south.
Is Jordan safe Country?
The first thing you will notice when you arrive to Jordan is that the people are very warm and welcoming to tourists. You will be pleasantly surprised by the sense of security you will find in Jordan, it is one of the safest places to travel in the world. Jordan has a very low crime rate. Walking through Jordan is safe and friendly as Jordan is safe place to travel, and it is enjoyable to stroll through the old souks of Amman and the other major cities. The people are unfailingly helpful and it is generally safe to walk around at any time of the day or night. It is, of course, sensible to take obvious precautions: look after your belongings and keep valuables in the hotel safe. Lost property should be reported to the police. If you lose your passport, you should contact your embassy.
What is Jordan currency?
The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar, symbol JD, There are 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 JD notes. The dinar is divided into 100 piasters (pronounced “pee-asters”) of 1000 fils (“fills”). The fils is the unit most commonly used and you will usually see prices written as 4.750 (which is 4 JD and 750 fils). Currency can be exchanged at major banks, exchange booths and at most hotels. Street money-changers are best avoided. Exchange rates are set daily by the Jordanian Central Bank.
Will I be able to exchange dollars, Euros, or other currencies in Jordan?
There are a large number of banks and money exchanger offices that can change cash currencies in Jordan. Moreover, all touristic shops, restaurants, and bars will actually accept dollars or Euros at rates that are relatively close to the official ones. Make sure you know the current exchange rate of your currency to Jordanian dinar. It is also good to know that credit cards are widely used and accepted in Jordan.
Can i use credit card in Jordan?
Credit cards are widely accepted in Jordan at hotels, restaurants and shops, including American Express, Visa, Diners Club, and MasterCard. Please note that many smaller shops still prefer cash payment in the Jordanian currency, and it’s essential for shopping in the local souks.
Is it a common practice to give tips in Jordan?
People work in tourism sector depend on tips as a major part of their income. Therefore, tipping is considered customary in Jordan
How much shall I tip?
Tipping is widely expected in Jordan and the amount depends on the situation. - In a restaurant, it is good to give 10% tip directly to the waiter even when there is service charge added to the bill. The service tax does not go to the waiters. - For a small favor, like carrying luggage or for room service. - Guide: around 5$ per person per day for groups and 10$ per day for FITs - Driver: around 4$ per person per day for groups and 8$ per day for FITs - Horse boy in Petra: 5$ per person per each way - Jeep Driver in Rum around $ 10-15 $ per driver - Local guides in tourist sites: $ 20-25 $ per guide. - Small tips may occur here and there and it will be nice to tip as locals depend on this as small source of income.
What different types of hotels are there in hotels in Jordan?
Accommodations for travelers in Jordan fall across a broad range—everything from world class luxury to simple hostel accommodations are available. The nicest hotels compare well with luxury hotels anywhere, coming from international hotel chains; Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, Movenpick, Four Seasons, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott & much more. A step down from these is a variety of local hotels that ranges from luxurious to simple. For more information, contact us.
What different types of hotels are there in hotels in Jordan?
The same as many hotels all around the globe, the check-in time in most hotels in Jordan is around midday, 14 pm to 16 pm. In some occasions like public holidays or high demand dates, check in might be even later. Map Tours & Events always fight to get our guests checked in their rooms as early as possible. Checkout is always at 12 pm unless otherwise arranged directly with hotel by the guests or through Map Tours & Events.
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