Why a pilgrimage

What is it about this city that it has such a great attraction?
What is it that makes a Christian pilgrim come to Jerusalem?
Jerusalem is the heart of the Holy Land, the synthesis of the action of God for the good of the whole of humanity. John Paul II expressed this in very moving words: “How many memories and images and how much passion and great mystery surround the word Jerusalem! For us as Christians, it represents the geographical point of union between God and men, between eternity and history.”
رحلات الحج المسيحي - الخريطة للسياحة

I rejoiced, when they said to me: Let us go to the House of the Lord!.

And now our feet are standing,  Within your gates, Jerusalem!

A song of Ascents, of David (Psalm 122)

Why a pilgrimage in the Holy Land

But to go on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land means setting off and turning the physical journey into a “path of the soul”.

Walking on this land with the heart, soul and mind for an encounter:

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